Mandatory Documents And Steps To Follow For Online Indian Visa Application

Online Indian Visa Application

Mandatory Documents And Steps To Follow For Online Indian Visa Application

Are you willing to make journey to India? If yes, it is essential for you to check the mandatory rules and norms related to online Indian visa application as made by the Government of India. Especially, as foreigners, you have to stay aware with the key steps to follow and the documents you need to get an online visa to travel to India and the documents you need for your application.

Documents Required at a Glance

To be eligible for online Indian visa, you have to arrange a few of the important documents. These include-

  • Your digital photo, a valid passport, passport scan of its information page
  • You have to answer a few of the basic questions, like your postal or temporary address, names of your parents and similar others.
  • Your PayPal account or details of your debit/credit cards

Special Cases-

  • If you want to apply for Business e-Visa, you have to show your invitation letter or a valid business card copy.
  • Alternatively, you have to show a letter from an India-based reputed hospital if you have to get a Medical e-Visa.

Simple and Easy Steps to Apply for Online Visa

You have to apply for visa for your India tour from any good online visa to India providing website. The entire process is easy and hence, you may complete the steps at a fast rate i.e. within only 5 minutes to 10 minutes period. The application consists of three different steps-

Share Your Information

To start the procedure for online Indian visa application, you need providing your general information. Simultaneously, the website lets you to choose a specific processing time to get your online visa, which depends on the price you want to pay.

Verify the Entered Details

Once you enter the details, the visa application website will ask you to check and verify your entered details.

Make the Required Payment

At the last step, you have to make the required payment to complete your application.

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