Updates About On Arrival Tourist Visa In India

Updates About On Arrival Tourist Visa In India

Getting a visa without any hassle is a top concern for most international tourists. Sensing this issue,
the Indian government has started on arrival visa facility. Getting a tourist visa in India on arrival is easy
even for the first-time applicants. The presence of service providers simplifies the ‘India on arrival visa
application process and approval’ further. So, get ready to step into India without waiting for days to get
a visa.

Online Tourist Visa for India: Introduced in 2014, the great facility ‘online tourist visa for India’
allows citizens of eligible countries to visit India by getting an electronic travel permit. The purpose was
to encourage foreign visitors to visit India by providing online visas. e-Tourist visa or Indian tourist visa
allows foreign visitors to visit India for a range of touristic purposes. An online tourist visa in India is
granted for tourism, visiting friends, visiting family, and attending yoga programs.

One-month or One-year Online Tourist visa for India: You can apply online for a tourist visa either
for one month or one year. One-month on arrival online tourist visa, a double-entry visa, is valid for 30
days. One-year online tourist visa in India allows staying for 365 days with a multiple entries facility;
however, each stay should be for less than 90 days. Nationals of some countries like Canada, Japan, the
US, and the UK are allowed to stay up to 180 days on single entry. Five years e-tourist visa is also made
available with multiple entries facility.

Know All Before you Process India on Arrival Visa Application: Before you process your application
for on arrival tourist visa, you should be aware of all the important information. The process for applying
for on arrival visa for India is simple and defined on Indian government website. India on arrival visa
application can be downloaded from the indianvisaonline.gov.in/ . For traveling to India, a regular or

eVisa along with valid passport is mandatory. Just a few categories are exempted to have a visa because
of bilateral arrangements. When you apply for India on arrival visa, you get approval within 24 hours but
you should process your application for India on arrival visa at least four days prior to the travel date.
The application can be filled and processed in minutes if you have all the relevant documents. The best
part is that you don’t need to approach the embassy. The applicants get on arrival e-visa for India online
in their email box. A soft copy of e-Visa is a must to carry while roaming across India. The government of
India doesn’t charge any emergency fee or additional fee for granting of express e-visa or any
emergency visa.

How to Process India on Arrival Visa Application: I have provided the link above to download the
application form. Just fill-up the form, upload all the documents along with the photograph as required
in the proper format, review for correction, and submit. Format optimization of the photograph is a
must-do exercise because a number of applications are rejected just because of the improper size of the

Pro-tip: The visit visa and tourist visa are different. A tourit visa can only be used for leisure or
tourism purposes whereas a visit visa allows you to visit India for business meetings, attending seminars,
and many other purposes.

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