All That You Need To Know Prior To Apply For Indian Visa Online in 2022


All That You Need To Know Prior To Apply For Indian Visa Online in 2022

The facility available for an Indian visa online has proved a strong growth booster for the tourism industry. The facility allows the tourists to visit India with an electronic visa, which is easier to get compared to the conventional way of getting a visa pre-visit to India. Tourists can easily apply for an Indian visa online with simple documentation.

Validity of Indian Visa Online

Indian visa online facility is available for a group of tourists from Oct 15, 2021, and for individual tourists from Nov 15, 2021. The validity duration of an Indian tourist visa is for 30 days, one year, and five years. The continuous stay period on an online Indian visa is limited to 90 days except for USA and Japan. The continuous stay period for the tourists of the USA and Japan is limited to 180 days. Indian e-visa services have also been restored for the citizens of 156 eligible countries.

How to Apply For Indian Visa Online

You need to submit a duly signed physical copy of the visa application form, completed and submitted successfully, at a specified Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or to the Indian Mission/Post at the time of the interview. You may also be asked to show supporting documents in physical format. The approval status of the online Visa application can be seen at Although the process to apply for an Indian visa online is simple; yet, the involvement of an Indian tourist visa specialist agency makes the complete process hassle-free.

The Facts about Applying For Indian Visa Online You Might Not Know

Furnish information about yourself and the intended tour carefully. Furnish all the information exactly in the same manner as is asked in the forms. You need special attention while filing the details about name, address, date of birth, destination, duration, etc. Each online application for an Indian tourist visa is meant only for one person. Therefore, you should fill out separate application forms for each applicant. As an applicant, you will have to verify the application details before submitting the online visa application. In case, the visa application is not submitted, you can save the online application form to avoid repeat exercise.

Once the online application form is submitted by the applicant, then further modifications are not allowed. You should check and validate the details twice to ensure no error is left in the application form that could cause your visa request rejection. The online Indian tourist visa facility allows the applicants to upload digital photographs to expedite the process of getting a regular visa. The experienced professionals of e-visas to India specialist company help you optimize the documentation and digital photo size.

e-Visa to India

The online available e-visas to India experts also help you to pay the fee in a better-secured manner through multiple payment gateways. You can schedule your appointment as per your convenience with the concerned office in your country. If you are visiting India in a group, then, each tourist will need to fix a separate appointment. If the electronic payment facility is not available in your country, you can pay the fee either through an ‘e-Visa to India’ services provider or at the visa office.

To conclude, the process to apply for an Indian visa online is a great facility for foreigners. Sometimes, international tourists to India experience different issues while applying online for an Indian tourist visa. The online assistance by visa support service providers in India simplifies the entire process while reducing the chances of application rejection up to almost nil.

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