A Simple Way to Apply For Tourist Visa Online


A Simple Way to Apply For Tourist Visa Online

e Tourist visa India services have been restored for the tourists of 156 countries. e-Visa facility is made available to foreigners who are visiting India only for sightseeing, recreation, casual meeting with friends or relatives, attending yoga programs, medical treatment, and business purposes. This facility is not available for the person if his/her parents/grandparents were born in or are/were permanent residents of Pakistan. The e-Visa facility is not available for diplomatic/official passport holders, UNLP holders, and INTERPOL officials. Though the service of an e-tourist visa to India is not new; still, many tourists face issues when they apply for a tourist visa.

Support Services to Apply For e-Tourist Visa India

The applicants can apply for e tourist visa 120 days in advance from the expected arrival date. The tourists willing to visit India in hurry can apply for a tourist visa online at https://evisastoindia.org/tourist-evisa-online/ the directions are mentioned there; still, many foreigners experience issues or apply incorrectly those results in a last-minute visa denial. Do not panic, the numbers of agencies offer very low-priced support services to help you apply for an e tourist visa right from the start until you get a valid online visa link. The only job for you is left to visit the link and download your e-visa to take a hard copy print.

Does E Tourist Visa India Facility Suit To Your Nationality?

Multiple entry tourist Visa is granted for the maximum period of 10 years to the tourists of the USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore; it is assumed that continuous stay during one visit will not exceed 180 days. In the case of 30 countries, the duration of the e-tourist visa is decided by the concerned Indian missions/ posts; and the maximum stay period is 5 years with a clause that the continuous stay during one visit will not exceed 90 days. Australia,USA and Singapore in that country; In case for any emergency so, directly fill up the form at https://evisastoindia.org/visa-form/ and get visa soon.

How to Get Ready To Apply For Tourist Visa

Persons visiting India organizations e- tourist visa are allowed to enter India only through specified international airports; so, before planning your tour to India, check the list of entry points. Whether you are an individual tourist or planning to visit India in a group of four, you need certain preparations to apply for tourist visa. Here is a list of documents you need to apply for tourist visa-

• Scanned copy passport

• For voluntary working, copy of agreement letter issued by the organization

• To join a short term course, copy of admission letter from the concerned institute or organization/

Most people commit mistake in uploading photo. The photo of full face without spectacle (equal height and width) should be in JPEG format. Maximum size of photo should be 1 MB. e-Visa fee that you can pay through multiple channels varies according to country/territory, so, please check for updates .


Applicants are required to have a copy of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at the time of arrival. Please confirm that ETA status is ‘GRANTED’ on the website prior to start journey.

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