Indian Visa Online Application Categories

Indian Visa Online Application

Indian Visa Online Application Categories

e-Visa is a great facility for the foreigners who want to visit India or certain objectives like recreation, casual visit to relatives or friends, sightseeing, attending a short-term yoga program, medical treatment under Indian systems of medicine, and business purpose but for no other purpose. This facility provided by Indian govt. is not available for the persons born in Pakistan and the permanent resident of Pakistan. e-Visa facility is not available to diplomatic/official passports holders, UN passport holders, and international travel document holders.

The Best Source for Indian Visa Online Application

E-visa To India is a trustworthy website that guides the applicants to apply for e-Visa or visa online. Although the application process for e-Visa is simple yet some documentation process may pose some hurdles. Many times, the first time applicants face problem because of not knowing the right process. Here comes the role of user-friendly professionals of E-visa To India who guide the applicants to apply for e-Visa right in very first attempt. The authorised portal for e-Visa application is

Categories of e-Visa

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Travelers intended to visit India on e-Visa are advised to go through the instructions available at Bureau of Immigration portal. eVisa to visit India is available only for six categories of short-term tours-

e-Tourist Visa to India: The online tourist visa for India is an electronic authorization that allows citizens of listed countries to visit India for tourism purpose.

e-Business Visa to India : It is a double entry visa. One person can get two e-Visas within one year. To stay more in India, the person will have to apply for a consular visa.

e-Conference Visa to India: It is an electronic travel permission to allow foreigners to attend international conventions, workshops, and seminars being organized in India.

e-Medical Visa the India: Online Medical Visa for India is the authorization for foreign nationals visiting India to get medical treatment.

e-Medical Attendant Visa: Medical Attendant e-Visa can be granted to up to two family members of a patient having an e-Medical Visa.

e-Emergency X-Misc Visa: This facility is available only for Afghan citizens. Applicants are not allowed to work in India under e-Emergency X-Misc visa.

The involvement of e-Visa experts simplifies the electronic visa processing and ensures a hassle-free touring to India.

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