How To Apply Business Visa For Australian Citizens And Get Business Visa To India

business visa for Australian citizens

How To Apply Business Visa For Australian Citizens And Get Business Visa To India

Australian citizens can obtain a business visa to India. Australia is one of 150 countries whose citizens can apply online for an Indian eVisa. The process of applying for an Indian business visa in Australia is similar to that of any other country.

There are some distinctions among ethnicities, but they are primarily down to cost and duration accessibility.

Stay Time-

This visa allows owners to stay in the country for the duration of the visa’s authenticity. Persons with visas lasting for more than six months who decide to enter in India for more than 180 days must enroll with the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Offices in India as early as possible after landing. Please refer to the particular endorsement deals segment of your approved visa for any restrictions on when enrollment is mandated.

The length of stay granted on the visa is at the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate and may differ from the advertised period.


The applicant’s actual passport.

1. The passport must be valid for up to 6 months after the visa’s expiration date.

2. Have two visa pages that are blank on one side.

3. Make your text machine-readable.

Handwritten passports will not be accepted as proof of identity in India. Machine-readable passports are required.

Business Intro Letter-

You should provide a Business Introduction Letter from your Australian-based company. The letters must be published on company letterhead with an Australian postal address.

Opportunity Letter-

A letter of invitation from the applicant’s host is required for visa requests with a validity of more than 6 months. A copy will suffice. This letter must:

1. Be written on company letterhead and include the host’s full address and contact information.

2. Should be tackled to the Indian High Commission.

3. Indicate the reason for your visit as well as the length of time you will be there.

4. Indicate the type of visa, the duration of validity, and the number of records desired.

5. Provide the applicant’s acceptance of financial responsibility.

6. The applicant’s sponsor must consent.

Illustration of Financial Capability-

Evidence of available funds must be provided for visa requests with a validity period of more than six months.

This must be provided in the form of a current bank statement in the applicant’s name covering the last three months and demonstrating adequate cash for your journey.

Aside from that, nothing to be concerned about. It is simple to obtain an India business visa for Australian citizens from eVisastoindia, it is inexpensive, and no embassy can issue a visa in such a short period of time. When you use the online service, you only stand to gain.

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